Everybody is talking about Google Wave and it sure is interesting stuff they are showing. I was considering getting a sandbox account, but I currently don't have the time to use it. So here are my ideas about what you could do with Google Wave:

- Collaborative mind mapping tool (Gadget). Edit Mindmaps with multiple persons.

- Collaborative graphic tool (Gadget). Edit graphics and diagrams with multiple persons. Especially UML like diagrams. Could be a cool replacement for a whiteboard for people to far apart to use a real one, or to lazy to stand up.

- Tempest, the brainstorming robot (Robot).  When you select a word or words, Tempest would create a list of related words. As a first try it would check wikipedia, if a matching article exist, use referenced or referencing articles as words to propose. It also could use Google Squared, Google Set, the attributes found by Wolfram|Alpha and many other sources.

- Notes Linky (Robot): This one is similar to Tempest, but would check your notes on google notes and provide Links to it from your Wave.

- CoCode: a IDE plugin to do pair programming, while on different machines

What are your ideas for usage of Google Wave?


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