Are you aware that I know a lot about you? You don't believe me? Here you go: You are smart! You are constantly trying to improve your skills! You are probably better at what you do for a living than most of your colleagues!

Wow, how did I do that? Simple: You are reading my blog. Since my blog isn't funny or especially well written you are here for the content. Since my blog isn't that popular (yet) you probably read quite some blogs like this. Everything else follows from that.

Since I know so much about you, let me give you some advice: Use your knowledge and teach others. Write a blog, better yet go to people and teach them stuff. Tell people about interesting things you found on the web. Answer questions in forums. Participate in discussions. Moderate workshops. Join discussions.

Teach your colleagues, teach the kids at the local school and of course your own. Teach the people at a nearby conference.

It is an easy chance to really make a difference without becoming rich or famous first, but possibly later on.

And although the feeling of doing something good is pretty nice, you don't have to do it for the greater good alone. When you prepare for teaching, you will learn a lot about the topic. Also teaching will introduce you to a lot of people, which in turn may help you in many situations, including in the hunt for the next job or project.

And by the way somebody telling you that the workshop you hold was really nice is almost as awesome as getting told that you are smart :)


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