When diving into the world of blogs and twitter it can be confusing to get started. Which blog should you read? Whom to follow on twitter? When you are in software development I have an idea for you. Why don't you check out the authors of the agile manifesto? Here they are with their blogs and their twitter accounts:

Kent Beck: blog twitter

Alistair Cockburn: blog twitter

Ward Cunningham: couldn't find a blog; twitter

Martin Fowler: blog twitter

James Grenning: blog twitter

Jim Highsmith: blog twitter

Andrew Hunt: blog twitter

Ron Jeffries: blog twitter

Jon Kern: blog twitter

Brian Marick: blog twitter

Robert C. Martin: blog twitter

Ken Schwaber: couldn't find a blog; twitter

Jeff Sutherland: blog twitter

Dave Thomas: blog twitter

Authors I couldn't find blog nor twitter account of:

Mike Beedle (there is a twitter account on that name, but it has no sign other then the name to belong to the person we are looking for), Arie van Bennekum, Steve Mellor

If you are interested in following these people you might interested in the little list of them I created on twitter.


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