Complaining about things being wrong or done in the wrong way doesn't help anybody.

Hardly anything will change because you complain.

Hardly anybody will change becaus you complain.

It doesn't make you feel better.

Instead of complaining focus on what YOU can change.

Changing stuff actually changes things (Surprise)!

Changing stuff has the power to change people!

Letting change happen feels good.

Letting change happen gives you the power to change even more.

There are two difficulties when trying to change:

First is finding the right scope of change. You might just not be able to bring peace to the world. But YOU CAN change the way YOU interact with people. YOU CAN teach people how to solve a problem YOU solved.

You can't convert a big ball of mud in a nice clean code base in an afternoon. But YOU CAN write a test. YOU CAN pair with a coworker in order to learn and teach.YOU CAN leave the code base a little cleaner then you found it. YOU CAN start a group of people with common interest in your company, in your town, in your country.

The other difficult part is starting. Not just thinking 'somebody should ...' or 'I could ...' but doing it. There is a simple solution to this:



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