One year ago I had an argument with my spouse. You might think "Boy, that must have been a bad one, if you remember it one year later!" But it was one of the best things that ever happened to me:

I was really angry and needed a way to vent, so I put on a pair of shoes, went outside and started to run. At that time I was really in bad shape. Definitely overweight. I felt how my belly fat sloshed around my middle and after like 500m I was breathing hard and had to walk for a while. Running and walking I needed about 20 minutes for 2.5 km and was quite exhausted afterwards. But I enjoyed it! My mood improved. And I did it again on the next day. And I'm running more or less every other day since then.

It changed a lot of things for me. Lost 12kg! Imagine you are carrying 3gallons of water around for every second of your life. And then you just drop them and walk around without them. It is an awesome feeling. I can run 4km in just a little over 22minutes. I can run 12km without a break. For some pants I still use a belt, but one year ago I used it because I wasn't able to close the button. Now I use the belt because otherwise the pants would just slide down. I sleep better. My mood changed for the better. I can concentrate better.

I always thought running would be boring. But it turned out, running is the perfect sport for me: It gives you a time slot where your body is busy but you can think a lot almost without interruption. Thinking for one hour and a half about some difficult problem with nobody interrupting you ... it doesn't get much better, does it? Also running is flexible. You can do it always and everywhere: You can start at your door, or a hotel, there is just no excuse not to run. You can run on a hot summer day, in the rain, in snow and you need next to no equipment. Actually you can run with bare feet, if you are careful and it is quite enjoyable!

If you, like probably many readers of this blog, weigh too much and don't move enough, change this NOW! Put on some comfortable shoes and start to run. Don't run fast. Walk as much as you have to. Go as far as you can. Repeat tomorrow and three times a week after that.


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