Do you do physical training? Some kind of sport maybe? We all know you really should. But assuming that you are working in some kind of creative job which requires a lot of thinking the question is: how do train your brain? You don't? Well you should.

So here is the first training session. Its an easy one. Every 4 year old boy can do it. Actually they are extremely good at it:

Ask Why?

For everything you do, for everything you see, ask why is it this way. Why are plants green? Why are bottles taller than wide? Why is paper bleached? Whenever you answer your question, ask why again. Although I don't have scientific evidence I am convinced that this will have a couple of positive effects:

  • You will notice a lot of thing you just don't know, and which you might want to investigate further.
  • You find alternatives to things that you took for granted.
  • You'll find good reasons for a lot of things thus keeping yourself from changing things that shouldn't be changed.
  • You'll get into a habit of question fixed solutions.


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