This is the second part in a little series about what you can do in order to train your brain:

Think positive

I know it is a cliche. But I urge you to try it. Think about the good things that happend during the day: Did you come a across a green traffic light? Did somebody whish you a good morning? Did you wake up early enough? Did somebody say thank you to you? Did you have enough to eat? And to drink? Have you met somebody you like? I regularly met three of those within 10 minutes after waking up. And I don't say thank you often enough for that. If you really start thinking about it you will realize what a lucky bastard you are.

At first it will feel a little strange, even silly. But if you get into the habit of saying 'thank you' for all the little things that work out well, life becomes just a little brighter.

So what good things happend to you today?


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