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When reading blogs you get the impression, that everybody works in high end environments, using the latest greatest distributed version control system. Writing tons of tests, before they even dream about writing actual code and of course the tests a executed by the continuous integration system after every commit, which happens about 30 times per day and developer. But when I look around in the real world, this is not what I see. Instead the way people work on their code like ancient 'doctors'. Drilling holes in heads in the hope it will reduce the headache of the patient. It probably did. In many cases in a very final way. I urge you: Don't let that happen to your code (or your career). Practice solid software development. And in order to help you with that I compiled a simple list of things you really really should do. Those are basic practices. If you don't even adhere to those then I have only two possible explanations: You are not involved in software development at all. Go away, this blog isn't for you. Or ... you are a dabbler.

These are my points. What did I miss?