• From AsciiDoc to HTML 5 - My Tech Stack for Slides.

    PowerPoint drives me insane. Appart from issues like spontaneously replacing a font in a presentation while I present the slides there is a more fundamental issue: PowerPoint forces you to use PowerPoint. I can’t use my favorite text editor. I can’t use my favorite version control. Well, I can but I won’t get useful diffs out of it.
    Or try checking the content of your slides with a tool like Grammarly. And good luck presenting slides done in one version with a different version of PowerPoint (or none at all). If you do slides to present once during a meeting that is probably not an issue for you.

  • Don't use LocalDateTime.

    A couple of weeks ago I fixed a bug in Spring Data related to date conversions. For this, I read up on the “new” java.time API which I had hardly used so far. To my surprise, I learned that we used it wrongly in Spring Data. And judging from what I saw on StackOverflow and the rest of the internet many others make the same mistake. The mistake is to use LocalDateTime.

  • Introduction to Freeletics at JavaLand on Tuesday.

    On Tuesday one of the best Java conferences in Germany opens its doors. Many of us will be there the evening before and stay in the hotels at the location. So we can start the Tuesday by some (not so) light workout!

  • Don't convince your coworkers to do TDD.

    At the beginning of the year I had a little twitter discussion about TDD. It started of as a request for some documentation about TDD. But after some back and forth it turned out that the goal was to convince the members of a team to adopt TDD in order to fight quality problems.

  • Working on the Spring Data Team.

    It’s now over 9 months since I joined the Spring Data Team. Time for some looking back.

  • Project Reactors flatMap - a Closer Look

    An important part of reactive programming is backpressure. The idea being that only those events get published, that can be processed by the downstream operators. That’s why the following code prints ten lines as one might expect:

  • Are 200 Push-Ups too much to be healthy?

    Wow, it’s over three years since I published the article about me picking up running. That means I’m now running for 4 years and it’s time for an update.

  • Branching strategy of the Spring Data projects.

    Before starting to work on Spring Data I hardly ever used git rebase. Everybody in those teams was happy when a commit comment included some useful comment and the id of the issue. Some even considered to much. And no one really worried about a discussion of the benefits of merge vs rebase. Therefore working on the Spring Data repositories was some serious change for me since heavy rebasing is an integral part of the workflow. But after some getting used to it I really like the approach and I think many teams might benefit from something similar. So a blog post is in order:

  • Brace for impact.

    I really prefer keeping myself busy with technical stuff rather than with politics. But sometimes things happen that are so stupid that they affect me and I have to speak up. And sometimes those two areas intersect and politicians with their incredible belief that they can ignore reality and technology make me want to puke.

  • No Spring One for me.

    Shortly after signing my job contract with Pivotal, my awesome boss told me to reserve time in December 2017 for the Spring One, because it is the event where almost all the Spring developers meet once a year.