On Tuesday one of the best Java conferences in Germany opens its doors. Many of us will be there the evening before and stay in the hotels at the location. So we can start the Tuesday by some (not so) light workout!

I will do some Freeletics at 7 am near the pool of the Hotel Ling Bao. Oliver Milke will come too and others announced plans to join.

Freeletics is an app that lets you track High-Intensity Interval Trainings with your own body weight as resistance. This means:

  • It is intense. You’ll be completely exhausted afterward. You will also be insanely proud of yourself for finishing the workout.

  • It doesn’t take long. A workout is most of the time 20-30min + warm up and cool down.

  • You can do it almost everywhere. In your garden, in a carport, in a park or as we are going to show at the pool in a hotel.

  • It is a great cheap way to get fit.

If you want to join all you have to do is show up. If you never did Freeletics here are a couple things you might want to do/bring.

Do now:

  • Download the app

  • Register with the app

Bring on Tuesday:

  • yourself, dressed in clothes that a comfortable and may get really sweaty. Also known as sports clothes. You’ll have those packed anyway for the community running event on Wednesday, right?

  • something to drink. No, not cocktails. More like … water.

  • your smartphone with the installed app.

  • a towel

  • possibly a thin gymnastic mat, but a towel will do.

Disclaimer: Just as with the rest of your life: Whatever you do you do it at your own risk.


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