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Many companies lately come to the conclusion, that they have to do something about this social web thingy. But when I listen to the discussions, I feel like traveling back in time to the end of the last millenium, when everybody thought the web (release 1.0 at that time) was the way to print money. The news is: it wasn't back then and it isn't now either.

For two reasons I think this time it is even worse!

1. For many companies it isn't at all clear, what they are trying to achieve.
And as we all know from our last motivational training: If you don't have a goal, it is difficult to reach it. So what are viable goals in the social web world?

These are attractive goals, and each might get supported by leveraging web2.0 technology. But all the web2.0 stuff is just tooling. Which brings me to the second, more important point:

2. Many companies have to change a lot in order to become web 2.0 compatible:

If one point or the other matches the situation at your company, what are you gonna do? Forget about web2.0? Hell no, just embrace the change, because web2.0 will affect your company, better be ready for it.

By the way: For the readers wondering, why I am addressing them as if they where the manager of their own company. I am convinced that in a company that is ready to embrace web2.0 YOU are just as important as the management.